6 Reasons to use Veniae

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Veniae keeps dismissal consistent, no matter what the day may bring.

No more having to alter pick-up procedures because of bad weather or other situations that may arise.

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Veniae helps keep students warm and safe inside the building during harsh weather conditions.

No longer will parents be worried about their children standing outside during a torrential downpour while they wait in line for pick-up OR will the school be concerned about parents standing outside during a dangerous lightning storm waiting for their student to exit the building. With Veniae, parents can remain safely in their vehicle and students can remain safely inside the building until mom or dad pull up to that curb!

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Veniae is a controlled and efficient dismissal system.

Veniae allows students to be released from the building in a timely and effective manner, ensuring your hallways are never congested or noisy while dismissal is taking place. Veniae also ensures that students are directly matched with their parent or caregiver the moment they exit the building and head to their designated spot.

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Veniae is affordable, even on the tightest budget.

Our mission when creating Veniae was to make sure that every school or care facility had access to a safe and affordable dismissal system without worry about impacting the overall school budget. We want parents to feel confident that their students are safely waiting for them inside the school building, especially on days when a parent might be running late. And we want staff to feel a sense of relief knowing that their students are being safely released to the correct caregivers at the end of the day.

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Veniae offers that extra level of security with our unique family scan code.
  • Parents and only parents control who has access to their family QR code for pick-up.
  • Once the code is scanned, it is archived with the time and date which can be accessed by your designated staff member if there's ever a question of who picked up the child and when.

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Veniae is usable by any staff member, even those who are technically challenged.

You just point your personal device at the code and it scans automatically.